Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

For the first time in 17 years, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival presented the mix of two music rhythms never seen before in Playa del Carmen.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2019

Jazz Festival Venue

Mamita’s Beach Club was the venue of the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2019. From November 29th to December 1st Playa del Carmen received more than 50 thousand tourists. All of them enjoyed the seventh edition of the jazz festival for free.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival Venue

Jazz Festival Artists

For the first time in a Jazz Festival edition, artists mixed lounge, funk, jazz, electronic music, and European reggae.

The first night Chucho Valdés staged. Renowned as one of the top four jazz musicians of the world. He shared the stage with Mr. Mandril, who accolades one of the most expressive contemporary jazz voices.

Chucho Valdés Riviera Maya

During the second evening, spectators listened to the Brazilian pianist Eliane Elias. An icon of the boss nova who collaborated with Natalia Marrokin’s soul and blues songs.

For the Jazz Festival 2019 grand finale, the British group UB40 performed. The famous reggae band of the ’80s surprised the audience with their single Red, Red, Wine.

UB40 Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Environmental Awareness

In addition to promoting music, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival focuses on the care of the ambiance. Assistants collected their trash with special bags organizers gave during the event.

Event organizers claimed that there was a bigger audience from Canada and the United States compared to other years. In conclusion, this jazz event attracts more and more visitors to Playa del Carmen.

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